Polishing Equipment 2 Struers DP20


Polishing Equipment 2 Struers DP20


Tayyib Muhammad

Technology Description:

Polishing is carried out on polishing cloths (see the Polishing Surfaces Chart for a complete overview). For diamond polishing, a lubricant must be used. The choice of cloth, diamond grain size and lubricant depends on the material to be polished. The first steps are usually done on cloths with low resilience and, for soft materials, with a low viscosity lubricant. For final polishing, cloths with higher resilience and a lubricant with high viscosity are used.
In the ten Preparation Methods the most appropriate cloth for the specific materials are recommended.

Technical Data: RPM: 125, 250

Technical Information:

Category: Sample Preparation Area name: [Not defined] Room area: 0 Model: DP20 Manufacturer: Struers