Birgitte Hønsvall

Technology Description:

MBraun EasyLab creates a working environment with low levels of oxygen and humidity (<1 ppm).

The glovebox is supplied with nitrogen gas to create an inert working atmosphere for processes that are sensitive to oxygen and water. Attainable purity:

H2O < 1ppm

O2 < 1 ppm

Box size: height 906 mm, length 1200 mm, depth 780 mm


The glovebox is equipped with an MSK-160E crimping/ de-crimping machine for coin cells (from MTI Corporation).

The crimping/ de-crimping machine has assembling die for crimping CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032 coin cells.

Technical Information:

Category: Other Area name: G1-28 Glovebox Model: EasyLab Manufacturer: MBraun