Line for Non-CMOS compatible materials


Line for Non-CMOS compatible materials



Sample Specifications:

100 mm and 150 mm Si and glass wafers

  • Si/SiO2/SixNy
  • Al/W/Ti
  • Glass
  • Noble metals

Technology Description:

Full processing line where also many non-CMOS compatible materials (such as Au, Pt, PZT, pyrex and more) can be handled.PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate (Pb(Zr,Ti)O3)) thin film adds the ability of direct conversion between electrical energy and mechanical motion. This can be used both for sensing and actuating purposes in MEMS. SINTEF MiNaLab offers a foundry process with a patterned, 2 µm thick state of the art PZT film with a piezoelectric coefficient of -14 to -15 C/m². Custom-tailored processes can be developed. Lab4MEMS, PiezoVolume, MEMS-pie and NORD-pie are recent projects within this area.Gold has high reflectivity and is resistive to oxidative corrosion. This makes gold an excellent choice for coating optical surfaces, especially for applications using infrared light. In addition, the electrical and mechanical properties make gold an interesting material for chip mounting and soldering. SINTEF MiNaLab offers a foundry process for patterned Au with thickness ranging from about 50nm to 1 µm. Custom-tailored processes can be developed.

Glass has a number of different applications: as substrate material for devices requiring high electrical insulation, as encapsulation material for anodic wafer bonding and as substrate or encapsulation material for devices using visible optical communication. SINTEF MiNaLab offers patterning and bulk etching of glass wafers with custom-specific design.

Technical Information:

The processing line includes: