Tabletop Maskless Litography/Aligner System


Tabletop Maskless Litography/Aligner System


Viktor Bobal
Eduard Monakhov

Technology Description:

The μPG 501 is the perfect solution for prototyping and fabrication of MEMS, Integrated Optics, Micro Fluids, Lab-on-a-Chip devices and Photomasks.

It is possible to write structures down to 1 μm at a speed of 50 mm²/min. This equals an exposure time of less than 25 minutes for a 2” x 2” pattern. The integrated exposure wizard (GUI) guides the operator through the complete procedure: Load the substrate, select the design and start the exposure.

μPG 501 is equipped with a high power LED light source, with a wavelength of 390 nm. The μPG 501 can expose standard positive and negative photo resists as well as UV-resists such as SU8. Since the intensity dose is not limited, the system is suitable for applications, which require thick resists. The system has also has a basic grayscale exposure mode.

The software supports multiple data formats: GDSII, DXF, GERBER, CIF, BMP, STL.


Address Grid [nm]                    50
Minimum Structure Size [μm]      1
Write Speed [mm2/minute]        50
Edge Roughness [3σ,nm]       100
CD Uniformity [3σ,nm]             200
Aligment Accuracy [3σ,nm]    200


Technical Information:

Category: Lithography Area name: Lithography-room Model: uPG501 Manufacturer: Heidelberg instruments