MLA 100


MLA 100


Mark Chiappa

Technology Description:

The MLA100 Maskless aligner is a direct write tool. It’s the little brother to our MLA 150. The illumination is provided by a 10W 365nm UV LED so all NanoLab photoresists are compatible with the system. Capable of exposing substrates from 5mm X 5mm up to full 5” wafers or masks. Substrate thickness must be between 0.1 and 5mm. The system has a topside alignment accuracy of 1µm.   Minimum line width is 1µm. The system accepts GDSII, CIF, BMP and DXF formats.  It’s also capable greyscale lithography.

Technical Information:

Category: Lithography Area name: Student Lab Model: MLA100 Manufacturer: Heidelberg