Mask Aligner MJB3


Mask Aligner MJB3


Mark Chiappa

Technology Description:

Maskaligners are used in photolithography to transfer a pattern on a photomask to a photoresist on a wafer. This photoresist can then serve as e.g. an etch mask to transfer the pattern into the wafer. The photoresist can also be removed after metal deposition, leaving a metal pattern on the wafer (lift-off). The resolution is far into the submicron region.This maskaligner is mostly used in student courses and is placed in the ISO7 area. 

Sample Specifications:

Maskholders for 3″ and 4″ masks are available.

Samples can be up to 3″ in diameter and have a thickness of up to 4,5 mm.

Technical Information:

Category: Lithography Area name: Student Lab Model: KSM MJB-3 HP Manufacturer: Karl SĂĽss