EBL Elionix


EBL Elionix


Mark Chiappa
Jens Høvik

Technology Description:

The Elionix ELS-G100 is a 100KV EBL system.  with a 100MHz pattern generator.

The system has 2 SE and 1 BSE detectors, a height sensor to keep your sample in focus during exposure. In addition it has dynamic Focus and Stigmator adjustment to optimise beam shape at the edges of the field.

Write field sizes @ 100KV are 100µm, 250µm, 500µm, 1000µm.  Larger write fields can be arranged after consultation with the responsible engineer if required.

Beam diameter is 1.8nm @100pA beam current is selectable up to 100nA.

Sample sizes from 3X3 mm up to full 8" wafers can be loaded and exposed We also have a cassete for Photo mask writing (further details below).

Objective apertures are 60, 120 and 240µm

Technical Information:

Category: Lithography Area name: EBL and SEM Model: ELS-G100 Manufacturer: Elionix