Tube Furnace High Temperature 2″


Tube Furnace High Temperature 2"


Thomas Marthinsen

Technology Description:

High temperature processing includes a diversity of processes where high temperatures are used. Hence, annealing may be necessary to activate dopants after ion implantation or to alloy contacts after metal deposition, while treatment in a chemically active atmosphere is used to change the surface layer, e.g., by diffusion of dopants and thermal oxidation of a Si surface. Typical use is alloying of metall contacts or sealing frames with respect to packaging of devices or wafers (wafer level packaging). The furnace can be placed in multi positions: vertically, horizontally or at an angle to f.eks. grow crystals or other materials.  Rotate vertically for sintering applications. Gases that can be connected are O2, N2 and Hand forming gas. Normally only one gas at the time. Annealing in vacuum is also possible (optional).

OBS: the glass tube is only 2" !

Possible processes:

Diffusion and activation

  • Alloying
  • Growing


Technical Data: Handles 1" wafers and  small pieces. Max peak Temp. 1100ºC (<1h). Max. continuous temp. 1000ºC. Max heating rate 20ºC/min.

Technical Information:

Category: Thermal processes Area name: G2-33 Cleanroom Room area: 500 Model: MSL Manufacturer: MTI Corporation