Tube 1 – 4-stack furnace


Tube 1 - 4-stack furnace


Viktor Bobal

Technology Description:

Material Class:

Si, SiC

Technology Description:


Conventional tube furnaces for oxidation (dry, wet) and heat treatment. Totally 10 furnaces are availble covering a temperature range up to 1800C.

Technical Information:

Temperature range: 400-1150C

Tube 1:SiC Oxidation; Tube 2:Si Oxidation; Tube 3:Si High Temp. Annealing;

Tube 4:Si Contact Annealing

Materials: Si; SiC

Ambient: O2; N2; H2N2 (FORMIER 10)


Technical Information:

Category: Thermal processes Area name: Clean Room Room area: 440 Model: ThermCo Manufacturer: ThermCo