Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) Oven


Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) Oven


Svenn Ove Linde
Mark Chiappa

Technology Description:

The RTP oven can be used for several different applications like annealing for silicon and compound semiconductor wafers (RTA), rapid thermal oxidation (RTO), rapid thermal nitridation (RTN), rapid thermal diffusion from spin-on dopant, crystallization, contact alloying and more.

The JetFirst 200 furnace has a stainless steel chamber suitable for rapid heating of thin films under controlled atmosphere or vacuum. It is suitable for processing up to 200 mm wafers, as well as powders and non-conductive materials in a temperature range up to 1000°C.

Materials allowed:


  • Max temperature: 1000°C
  • Maximum heating range of 50°C/s
  • 1 N2 purge gas line
  • 3 process gas lines (O2, N2 and 5%H2 in Ar)
  • Equipped with 16, 6000W halogen lamps


Temperature Max hold time
T<500°C 3 hours
T<700°C 1 hour
T<1000°C 10 min


Technical Information:

Category: Thermal processes Area name: Chemical area Model: Jetfirst 200 mm Manufacturer: Jipelec