Semicore – DC/RF Magnetron sputter


Semicore - DC/RF Magnetron sputter


Kristin Bergum
Viktor Bobal

Technology Description:

Material Class:

Available targets: Al, ZnO, SiO2, SiO2,SiO,Cu2,Ag, more targets available on request.

Technology Description:


Magnetron sputtering is a  technique which can be used for thin film deposition with a wide range of materials – in principle any solid metal or alloy and a variety of compounds. Sputtering is the removal of atomized material from a solid due to energetic bombardment of its surface layers by ions or neutral particles. Two systems are available at UiO-MiNaLab, an older  dc system and a new dc and rf system -multilayer deposition without braking vacuum.

Technical Information:

Type: Semicore TriAxis

Source: 1 DC max effect 1.2 kW and 2 RF max effect 600 W

3 x 3” Target

4” Single wafer chamber


Technical Information:

Category: Thin film deposition Area name: Clean Room Room area: 440 Model: TriAxis Manufacturer: Semicore