Leybold E-beam evaporation


Leybold E-beam evaporation


Viktor Bobal

Technology Description:

Material Class:

Vacuumcompatible solids

Technology Description:


Thin film deposition or metallization of surfaces by evaporation of a target using an electron beam. The e-beam evaporator at UiO MiNaLab can sequentially deposit up to 4 materials during one cycle without breaking vacuum.

The maximum allowed thickness is 400 nm. For thicker films consider, sputtering or electroplating.

Technical Information:

Type: Leybold

DC V 6-12 kV

Beam power: 5 kW at 12 kV

Metals: Al, Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Si, Ti, Ni

Al, Si and Ni are included in the hourly price, for other metals please contact tool responsible for details.

Ultimate vacuum: < 1 x 10-6 mbar


Technical Information:

Category: Thin film deposition Area name: Clean Room Room area: 440 Model: L 560 K Manufacturer: Leybold