Sputter for Au, NiCr, TiW, Al, Ti, and Pt


AMAT Endura





Sample Specifications:

  • 150 mm Si wafers
  • Si/SiO2/SixNy
  • Al/W/Ti
  • Glass (with exceptions)
  • Polymers (with exceptions)
  • Noble metals (with exceptions)

Technology Description:

The AMAT Endura is a highly sophisticated cluster tool with 4 deposition chambers, 1 backsputter/rf etch chamber, and 2 loadlocks with cassette-to-cassette handling.

Technical Information:

Sputter deposition of Au, NiCr, TiW, Al, Ti, and Pt. Other targets can be installed, but with some limitations on material compatibility with the lab.

  • DC magnetron sputtering in all targets.RF etch is for etching of native oxide on Si or metal. RF etch is not allowed on glass wafers and for lift-off processes.
  • Glass wafers can be handled but without orientation. Because of this we cannot deposit Ti or Pt to glass wafers.
  • The vacuum level in the deposition chambers is in the 2e-8torr range. Two of the chambers (normally used for Ti and Pt) are configured for high temperature wafer control, up to 500degC.

Sputter-down on 150mm wafers. For other sample sizes, a Si wafer or a dedicated holder made of Al can be used. This holder must fit into a cassette, but by modifying the cassette holders thicker than standard can be used.