E-Beam Evaporator – Pfeiffer


E-Beam Evaporator - Pfeiffer


Martijn de Roosz
Mathilde Barriet

Technology Description:

An e-beam evaporator is used to deposit single or multilayer thinfilms of metals, oxides, magnetic materials and dielectrics. An electron beam is sweeped over the target surface transforming target atoms into gaseous phase which precipitates into solid form coating the chamber. This takes place under high vacuum (~10-7 Torr) enabling the atoms to evaporate freely in the chamber. The deposition thickness is controlled by a quartz crystal monitor.Minimum controlled deposition is ~1 nm and maximum is several micrometers. The deposition rate can be varied from ~0.1 nm/s to ~20 nm/s. Deposition thickness is uniform up to sample sizes of 50 mm. For larger samples the sample stage can be rotated during deposition.

Materials allowed: 

Everything which is not considered as contaminating within NanoLab rules, sample size can’t exceed 101.6 mm (4”) in diameter and 10 mm in thickness.

Technical Information:

  • Model:Pfeiffer Vacuum Classic 500.
  • Currently available standard targets:, Ti,  Ge, In, Pt, Au, Cr, Pd, Al
  • Other targets available on request:  Au,MgO, SiO2, Ni, , Al, Co, Si, C, NiFe, Cu, Fe, Ag, ITO, TiO2 and Ta. 
  • 8 kV acceleration voltage.
  • 8 evaporation pockets.
  • Base vacuum: 5E-8 mbar
  • Water cooling on substrate

Technical Information:

Category: Deposition Area name: Thin Film & Dry Etch Model: Vacuum Classic 500 Manufacturer: Pfeiffer