Ultrasound Desintegrator 2


Ultrasound Desintegrator 2


Trine Hjertås
Mathilde Barriet

Technology Description:

The Digital Sonifier (400Watt) can be used to disrupt cells, initiate and accelerate chemical, biochemical, and physical reactions, de gass liquids, prepare emulsions of 0.01 µm, homogenize immiscible liquids, polymerize and depolymerize materials. The equipment may be programmed regarding puls, amplitude (10- 00 %), maximum temperature and timing, and is fitted inside a sound proof box. One horn ½” (12.7 mm) and two 1/8” (3.2 mm) microtips are available, one tapered and one double step microtip for very small volumes.

Technical Information:

Category: Chemical methods Area name: Chemical area Model: 450 CE Digital Manufacturer: Branson Sonifier