Optical Microscope I Leica DM4000M


Optical Microscope I Leica DM4000M


Thai Anh Tuan Nguyen

Technology Description:

The Leica DM4000 M materials microscope can be used with all common incident light methods and operates with a mechanical Z-drive and a mechanical stage. The 6x objective turret is equiped with following objectives 2.5x,5x,10x,20x,50x and 100x, and is coded so that the objective used is immediately detected. The microscope features an incident light axis for brightfield, darkfield, and polarization with optional interference contrast and fluorescence.  The computer program (LAS) allows you to benefit from the full digital integration of microscope, illumination and camera. It is possible to recall the settings whenever you want. Results are completely reproducible: light settings, contrasting method, magnification, and exposure time.

Technical Data: Mag.: (2.5x,5x,10x,20x,50x,100x)x10x

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: G2-33 Cleanroom Room area: 500 Model: DM 4000M Manufacturer: Leica microsystem