Interferometer Wyko NT9100


Interferometer Wyko NT9100


Thomas Marthinsen
Anh Tuan Thai Nguyen

Technology Description:

Wyko NT9100 Optical Profiling System provides cost-effective convenience and performance – including accurate surface topography with a small footprint — for quality noncontact three-dimensional surface metrology. It applies coherence scanning interferometry, also known as white-light interferometry, white-light confocal or vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) to produce high quality three-dimensional surface maps of the object under test. The instrument also applies a unique dual-LED illumination source for phase shift interference (PSI) which provides superior non-contact measurements for smooth surfaces (<1/4λ). It is well suitable for advanced applications in MEMS, thick films, optics, ceramics, and advanced materials research. It provides fast data acquisition, user-friendly data analysis, angstrom-level repeatability and sub-nanometer vertical resolution at all magnifications. It supports Wyko Vision analysis software and is equipped with motorized stage

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: G2-33 Cleanroom Room area: 500 Model: NT9100 Manufacturer: Wyko