Stylus profiler


Stylus profiler


Viktor Bobal
Kristin Bergum

Technology Description:

Material Class:

Textured surfaces

Technology Description:

Stylus profilometry performs 2D- and 3D-surface profile measurements to characterize film thickness, roughness, and stress on samples up to 200 mm (8 in.) in diameter. The operation of the profilometer is based on a sharp stylus that is scanned across a surface so that the surface topography of the sample is obtained. User-programmable stylus force allows profiling on hard and soft surfaces.

Technical Information:

Vertical range: 1 Å to 1 mm.

Vertical resolution: 1 Å.

Maximum wafer size: 200 mm (diameter).

Stylus force: programmable, 1 mg - 15 mg.

Stylus options: 2 μm radius.

Stiching capability: yes.

Stress measurements: 2D stress measurement capability.

3D mapping: 3D mapping collection and analysis capability.

Software: Vision ® 64 Operation and Analysis software. 

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: Clean Room Room area: 440 Model: DektakXT-A Manufacturer: Bruker