Room-temperature Hall (MEMS room)


Room-temperature Hall (MEMS room)


Vegard Skiftestad Olsen
Martin Nyborg

Technology Description:

Material Class:

Conductive and partially conductive solids

Technology Description:

Hall effect measurements are employed to study the details of conduction in semiconductors and other materials. Such electronic properties include the sheet resistance, doping type/prevailing carrier type, carrier concentration, carrier mobility and the effect of a magnetic field.

Technical Information:

Type: LakeShore 7704A

Magnetic fields: 1.0 T (room temperature / variable temperatures)

Temperature range: 20-700K

Carrier concentration density: 1x106 cm3 to 1x1019 cm-3

Mobility: 1 to 1x105 cm2/Vs

Sample size: up to 20×20 mm2.

Sample mounting: Requires soldering of contacts.

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: Characterization room Model: HMS 7700A Manufacturer: LakeShore