Ion implantation online characterization


Ion implantation online characterization


Viktor Bobal
Jon A. Borgersen

Technology Description:

The experimental setup is directly connected to the beam line of a MeV ion implanter and allows for electrical and optical characterization, such as deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS), steady-state photo-capacitance (SSPC) measurements or thermal admittance spectroscopy (TAS). Measurements can be performed in the temperature range from 30 K to 300 K, and it is also possible to perform measurements after irradiation or ion implantation at low temperatures.

The setup consists of several components, e.g., measurement instruments and a system for optical excitation/detection. LabView programs are mainly used for controlling the components.

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: Clean Room Room area: 440 Model: NA Manufacturer: Custom made