KLA/Tencor AlphaStep 500 Profilometer



Sample Specifications:

100 mm and 150 mm Si and glass wafers

  • Si/SiO2/SixNy
  • Al/W/Ti
  • Glass (with exceptions)
  • Polymers (with exceptions)
  • Noble metals (with exceptions)

Technology Description:

The profilometer (also called alpha stepper) is a measuring instrument used to measure a surface’s profile, in order to quantify its roughness or to measure cavities. A stylus is moved in contact mode over a surface measuring the sample topography. Vertical resolution is usually in the nm level, though lateral resolution is usually poorer.

Technical Information:

Step heights: 50 nm – 300 µm
Scan length: 10 nm – 0.3 mm
Zoom optics: up to 210x
Multi-scan average mode scans up to 10 times