Automatic Probe Station TSK


ACCRETECH (Tokyo Seimitsu Kogaku) A-PM-90A



Sample Specifications:

100 mm and 150 mm Si wafers

  • Si/SiO2/SixNy
  • Al/W/Ti
  • Glass (with exceptions)
  • Polymers (with exceptions)
  • Noble metals (with exceptions

Technology Description:

The TSK A-PM-90A is an automatic probing station for electrical characterization Рon wafer level. Loading of wafers is done by robots from cassettes. Manual loading is also possible. Two nearly identical machines are installed at SINTEF MiNaLab.

Technical Information:

Fully automatic wafer probing machine

  • Automatic wafer load/unload
  • Probe-to-pad-alignment
  • Closed-loop positioning
  • High-payload Z
  • Probe mark inspection
  • Ink dot inspection
  • Real-time-wafer-mapping
  • Optical character recognition
  • High voltage probing up to 1100V
  • Temperature controlled chuck