Verner Håkonsen
Amin Hossein Zavieh

Technology Description:

FEI APREO is a Field Emmision scanning electron microscope (SEM) in which electrons are used to image the surface of a sample. This allows high magnifications.

At low acceleration voltage, Apreo’s acceleration tube design helps to optimize both resolution and contrast.

It obtains excellent contrast-to-noise ratio using its biased in-lens detectors which pull both SE and BSE signals in.

The T1 detector, positioned very close to the sample, collects a wide angular range and wide BSE energy range of

signal electrons, and it is standard in the tool configuration.

Also T2, the in-lens SE detector is standard as well as beam deceleration functionality. As a result, Apreo’s default

configuration is already optimal for low voltage contrast. 


  • Detectors:
    • ETD (in chamber), 
    • T1, BSE (in lens)
    • T2, SE (in lens)
    • Directional Backscatterd Detector (DBS lens mounted),
    • EDX Oxford Xmax 80 mm2 Solid angle (10mm WD) 0.03409 srad, 127 eV
    • In camber Navigation Camera
    • Chamber Camera CCD
  • Attainable resolution: 1.0 nm @ 1 kV (material dependent)
  • Acceleration Voltage: 0,2 – 30 kV 
  • Maximum beam current: 400 nA

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: EBL and SEM Model: APREO Manufacturer: FEI