Mark Chiappa
Svenn Ove Linde

Technology Description:

A reflectometer uses a technique called spectral reflectance in which light reflected from a surface is analyzed giving film thickness and optical constants (n and k) of semiconductor and dielectric thin films. This technique is very fast and simple. Measured films must be optically smooth. Commonly measured films include semiconductor process films such as oxides, nitrides, resists and polysilicon, optical coatings such as hardness and anti-reflection coatings, flat panel display films such as polymides, resist, and cell gaps, and the various coatings used in CD and DVD manufacturing. Films that cannot be measured include very rough films and metal films.

Materials allowed: everything which is not considered as contaminating within NanoLab rules, sample size can’t exceed 200 mm (4”) in diameter.

Thickness range: 15 nm – 70 µm

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: Characterisation Model: F20 Manufacturer: Filmetrics