Profilometer (Stylus)


Profilometer (Stylus)


Amin Hossein Zavieh
Verner Håkonsen

Technology Description:

A profilometer is used to measure surface profiles to determine the roughness of surfaces. The Dektak 150 is a contact stylus profilometer. The diamond tip stylus is run over a sample surface and records height differences which is sent to a computer.


Materials allowed: everything which is not considered as contaminating within NanoLab rules, sample size can’t exceed 150 mm in diameter and 90 mm in height.

  • Scan length range: 55 mm
  • Vertical range: 524 µm
  • Vertical resolution: 1 Å maximum (at 6.55 µm range)
  • 12.5 µm diamond tip stylus

Technical Information:

Category: Characterization Area name: Characterisation Model: Dektak 150 Manufacturer: Veeco