Waiting to to get in

Young students from Dønski vgs visit MiNaLab
February 10, 2014

As part of their cooperation with SINTEF and Bærum kommune, young students and their teachers get the chance to learn more about how to pursue a career in research and development- as physics-students and possible entrepeneurs in “technology for a better society”.  As part of their introduction to SINTEF and the physics and science of making silicon-based sensors and devices, the class got to see a few labs and were guided through the visitors areas at MiNaLab. Researchers at UiO MiNaLab presented a well prepared and motivating presentation of their on-going work on improved and lower-cost photovoltaic solar cells based on ZnO and “nano-materials”. At SINTEF MiNaLab they also were introduced to the basics of making radiation sensors as used in CERN- where the students visited last year. Radiation sensors from MiNaLab were recently used to detect the Higgs boson– which is still big news in particle physics.