Successful Myfab-NorFab User Meeting in Uppsala
May 13, 2013

Mingling at the poster session

Mingling at the poster session

For the first time, Myfab in Sweden and NorFab in Norway arranged a joint meeting, gathering 229 hands-on users of the two national cleanroom infrastructures to discuss practical methods and processes. The main part of the meeting was allocated for sixteen thematic seminars within the following topics:

Thin Film technologies
Etching technologies

In addition, four plenary speakers presented scientific highlights:

  • Aaron Stein, “Electron Beam Lithography for Synchrotron Applications”
  • Rainer Adelung, “Multifunctional ZnO nanostructures: from viruses to microchips”
  • Andreas Vogl, “PiezoMEMS with thin-film PZT – A key enabling technology”
  • Christoph Quitmann, “Max IV Lab”

The program also covered two inspiring presentation regarding academic and entrepreneurial exploitations by:

  • Bo Hammarlund: Cutting edge technology startup process
  • Joseph Gorman: Successful launch of European projects

After the presentations on the 17th, there was a poster session and organized lab tours. The 45 Norwegian participants were sponsored by NorFab and the Norwegian PhD Network on Nanotechnology for Microsystems.