FIB opening – Vice dean for education and dissemination Øyvind Gregersen, NTNU, cuts the ribbon. Photo: Per Henning, NTNU.

Official opening of NTNU NanoLab’s new FIB and SEM
June 23, 2017

The acqusition of a new Focused Ion Beam (FIB) combined with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) at NTNU NanoLab was officially marked with an opening ceremony and a small seminar on June 16, 2017.
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) combined with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a powerful and versatile characterization tool offered within NanoLab’s responsibility for nanostructuring in NorFab. FIB is a generic technique that can be important for most nanotechnology science areas.
NTNU NanoLab was opened in 2009 and has since then served the NTNU and the Norwegian Nano-research community. From the first moment, the Dual Beam FIB – instrument has been one of the most popular instruments. In 2016 the “old” FIB was used by almost 50 users for more than 4000 hours, and has been NTNU NanoLab’s and maybe one of NTNU’s most used instrument. This had not be possible without the work of NTNU NanoLab’s engineers and management as well as the good cooperation with FEI as the supplier of both FIBs.
The new FIB (together with a new SEM) is one of the major investments of the national infrastructure project NorFab II financed through infrastructure initiative the Research Council of Norway with a total cost of close to 20 MNOK. In addition, NTNU has contributed about 3 MNOK through the AVIT program, thus illustrating the strategic importance of this investment to NTNU NanoLab.
The new FIB instrument is expected to enhance the quality of the results and the capacity. The instrument has improved the resolution and stability for nanostructuring as well as characterization of nano materials.
We want to thank the Research Council of Norway for the support and FEI for the good cooperation during the installation and startup of the instrument.
We very much look forward to following the scientific progress made with this new investment at hand.
Some technical data for the new FIB:

  • XHR Monochromated Elstar e-column
    • 100 nA beam current
    • 100 pA current in monochromated mode
    • 7 nm resolution at 1 kV
  • New Phoenix i-column
    • 300 nm resolution at 1 kV
    • TOF correction for accurate pattering
  • Advanced detector Suite
    • In-Lens SE-BSE (TLD)
    • In-Column SE-BSE (iCD)
    • In-column BSE (MD)
    • SI/SE detector (ICE)
    • Oxford Xmax EDS 80mm2
  • Integrated lift-out finger for TEM-lamella preparation
    • FEI EasyLift EX NanoManipulator
  • Deposition
    • Platinum GIS
    • Carbon MulitiChem Gas delivery system
  • Available software
    • Auto Slice and View 4
    • iFast developer’s kit (online and offline)
    • NanoBuilder (online) and NanoArchitect (offline)
    • AzTec and Inca for acquiring EDS data



11:00 Greetings
Øyvind Gregersen, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Leader of Nano@NTNU’s board
Kay Gastinger, Director of Nano@NTNU
FEI representative Daniel Phifer
11:30 Official opening
Ceremony in the cleanroom – Øyvind Gregersen (streamed to screen in the lunch room)
11:45 Lunch – Coffee and cake for everyone in the lunch room
12:30 Scientific presentation
Aleksander Mosberg, PhD candidate, Department of Physics, “General applications of the new FIB\SEM”.
13:00 Closing remarks
Kay Gastinger, Nano@NTNU