From the official EBL Opening

Official opening of NTNU NanoLab’s new Elionix ELS-G100 EBL
January 4, 2016

Electron Beam Lithography is a key technique offered within NanoLab’s responsibility for nanolithography in NorFab. The old EBL system has been one of the most heavily used instruments in the cleanroom and over the last years it has constituted a severe bottleneck. The management at NanoLab were therefore thrilled to present the new state-of-the-art EBL from Elionix. The costs for the instrument will be covered by NTNU and the Research Council of Norway.

Some technical data for the new EBL:

  • The Elionix ELS-G100 is a 100KV EBL system with a 100MHz pattern generator.
  • The system has 2 SE and 1 BSE detectors, a height sensor to keep your sample in focus during exposure. In addition it has dynamic Focus and Stigmator adjustment to optimise beam shape at the edges of the field.
  • Typical write field sizes at 100KV are 100µm, 250µm, 500µm, 1000µm. Larger write fields can be arranged after consultation with the responsible engineer if required.
  • The beam diameter is 1.8nm at 100pA beam current is selectable up to 100nA.
  • Sample sizes from 3X3 mm up to full 8″ wafers can be loaded and exposed We also have a cassete for Photo mask writing (further details below).
  • The objective apertures are 60, 120 &240µm



The opening of the EBL was celebrated with a half-day seminar of greetings, scientific presentations and lunch.


09:00 Greetings
Anne Borg, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Leader of Nano@NTNU’s board
Ken Koseki, Assistant to the CEO at Elionix Inc
Aase Marie Hundere, The Research Council of Norway
Ragnar Fagerberg, SINTEF
Kay Gastinger, Director of Nano@NTNU
09:45 Official opening
Ceremony in the cleanroom – Anne Borg (streamed to screen in the lunch room)
Coffee and cake for everyone in the lunch room
10:15 Scientific presentations
New opportunities with Elionix ELS-G100 in NanoLab
Gerry O’Loughlin, SEMTech Solutions Inc
10:35 Tunable high aspect ratio polymer nanostructures fabricated with EBL for cell interfaces
Pawel Sikorski, Dept of Physics
10:45 Nanomagnetism in complex oxides – Using EBL in a novel patterning scheme
Erik Folven, Dept of Electronics and Telecommunications
10:55 Application of EBL towards biomedicine
Øyvind Halaas, Dept of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
11:05 Fast writing electron beam lithography for microfluidic devices with submicron features
Jonas Ribe, Dept of Physics
11:15 Towards novel oxide based magnonic devices – New opportunities with a high resolution EBL
Erik Wahlström, Dept of Physics
11:25 E beam lithography for nanowire electronics
Junghwan   Hu, Dept of Electronics and Telecommunications
11:35 DFB laser manufacturing with EBL for extravehicular breath gas sensor
Renato Bugge, Integrated Optoelectronics
11:45 Closing remarks
Kay Gastinger, Nano@NTNU
11:50 Lunch