NorFab Engineering forum
October 31, 2014

Lab engineering members from each of the 4 nodes in the NorFab project have regular meetings to discuss common challenges and future optimizations of running the clean room facilities and tools.
Normally the Norfab engineering forum meet 4 times per year, circulating to all different locations over the year. In order to get additional benefits and dissemination of NORFAB results we have invited lab engineers from FFI (Norwegian Defence Related Research Institute) and IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) into the group as well.
Last week, October 22nd,  the meeting was held in SINTEF MinaLab in Oslo.

Regular topics include new equipment installations, lab maintenance costs, spare parts, running costs (like gas and chemicals supplies), HMS (HSE: Safety and security issues) and other relevant topics for all parties involved.

The meetings and cooperation ensures a common understanding of the challenges in running a state-of-the-art clean room. Most importantly, the meetings help reduce costs where possible to coordinate maintenance and purchase of tools and supplies. We are also stronger in negotiations with vendors as a consortium rather than one by one.

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