Nordic collaboration

Nordic Nanotechnology Expert Network
March 10, 2014

NorFab and myfab have started a promising collaboration between laboratories in the Nordic countries.

Over the last three years, a successful collaboration between myfab and NorFab has been established on the management level. In April 2013 a joint user meeting was organised in Uppsala with a tutorial technology-thematic program. This workshop was directed towards the scientific users of the infrastructures.

The research infrastructures within nanotechnology are distributed widely throughout the Nordic countries. This distributed character is essential since travel distances within the Nordic countries are large. The local experts in the labs are often fewer than three persons and collaboration will therefore be helpful in keeping process lines at a high international level.

As a follow-up of the user meeting, NorFab and myfab are now establishing a network for nanofabrication experts. The target group for this network is process engineers working in the cleanroom and running the equipment. A pilot meeting for the network with focus on dry etch processes took place in November 2013 at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. 18 participants representing 11 nanolaboratories from 4 Nordic countries participated.

The plan is to extend the network in 2014 with the establishment of groups for lithography and thin film.

Upcoming meetings:

  • May 2014: Dry etching (DTU Danchip)
  • August 2014: Lithography (NTNU NanoLab)
  • October 2014: Thin film (Ångström Microstructure Laboratory Uppsala)