Participants in front of Holmenkollen Park Hotel. Photo: Kay Gastinger.

Nordic Nanolab Network (NNN) meeting, 14-15 January 2016
February 15, 2016

Nordic Nanolab Network (NNN)-meeting, 14-15 January 2016

The Nordic Nano Network (NNN) is a collaboration between the Nordic nanofabrication infrastructures Myfab, DanChip, VTT Micronova and NorFab. This year’s first meeting of the NNN-leaders took place at Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo. Present at the meeting were:

Peter Modh (MC2-Chalmers), Flemming Jensen (Danchip), Stefan Nygren (Ångstrøm Laboratoy, (Uppsala), Heini Saloniemi (VTT Micronova), Thomas Swahn (Myfab), Klaus Magnus Johansen (UiO MiNaLab), Nils Nordell (KTH), Maria Huffman (Lund Nano Lab), Ole Henrik Gusland (MST-lab, University College of Southeast Norway), Kay Gastinger (NTNU NanoLab) and Hanna Gautun (NorFab).

The agenda of the meeting comprised the following main topics:

Further development of the NNN organization

A common list of contact information for all participants has been prepared. The NNN will also establish a common homepage and an electronic archive. A joint list of suppliers used by the network members will also be made.

Establishment of a Nano-network at the European level

The efforts to establish an informal network for exchange of experience, lobbying towards the EU continues. There is, however, a need to clarify the intensions and purpose of the network.

NNN visit to INL, CNM, LAAS

The leaders for NNN have visited the following cleanrooms in Portugal, Spain and France:

  • INL -International Iberian nanotechnology laboratory (Portugal)
  • ICN2- Catalonian Nano- and micronanotechnology (Spain)
  • LAAS – Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (France)


Nordic NanoLab User Meeting (NNUM) in Trondheim in April – May, 2017

The dates for the meeting have not been settled yet, but will be clear in the near future. A program committee of six was established:

  • Kay Gastinger (for NorFab)
  • Cristina Andersson (for Myfab)

Thematic session responsible:

  • Karin Hedsten (dry etch)
  • Örjan Vallin (thin film)
  • Tine Greibe (lithography)
  • Ken Roger Ervik (characterization)

The program committee will have a kick-off meeting in Trondheim, in March 2016.

Follow-up of Nordic NanoLab Expert Network (NNEN) groups

We now have five groups at various stages:

  • The Lithography group plans that their next meeting will be at DTU in March, 2016.
  • The Thin film group had their second meeting in Oslo in November, 2015 with 15 participants. The next meeting will be at Chalmers in November 2016.
  • The Dry etch group was the first group established. The group plans its 5th meeting at SINTEF in Oslo, in the spring of 2016.
  • The Characterization group had their first meeting at DTU in Copenhagen in 2015. Only 5 laboratories participated, possibly due to short notice and too specialized topics. The group will attempt to have another meeting in 2016 and aim at finding suitable, common topics for discussion
  • The Facility Operation group has had its first meeting in November 2015, with 22 participants. The next meeting will be in Uppsala in the spring of 2016.


The NNEN meetings are open to experts from all cleanroom infrastructures in the Nordic countries. In total about 20 cleanrooms are involved and the meetings gathered between 15 and 25 cleanroom technology experts from all 4 countries. In 2016 we plan to organize a targeted workshop: DTU will organize a workshop about experiences on the tender processes for investment in new equipment.


Myfab Laboratory Information Management System (Myfab LIMS)

The development of a process-module in LIMS is in good progress and a first draft will be tested at Chalmers by the middle of March.

The next NNN meeting will be held in Espoo Finland, the 30-31 of August 2016.