Participants at the NNN leader meeting. Photo: Jesper Löfman

Nordic Nanolab Network meeting 3 – 4 Sept 2015
October 29, 2015

The Nordic Nanolab Network (NNN) is a collaboration between the Nordic nanofabrication infrastructures Myfab, Danchip, VTT Micronova and NorFab. This autumn the leaders of the involved laboratories met at Säröhus outside Gothenburg. Present at the meeting were Peter Modh (Myfab, MC2-Chalmers), Jörg Hübner (Danchip), Stefan Nygren (Myfab, Ångstrøm Laboratories, (Uppsala), Heini Saloniemi (VTT Micronova), Thomas Swahn (Myfab), Klaus Magnus Johansen (NorFab, UiO MiNaLab), Nils Nordell (Myfab, KTH), Nils Høivik (NorFab, MST-lab, Buskerud and Vestfold University College), Kay Gastinger (NorFab, NTNU NanoLab) and Hanna Gautun (NorFab).

The agenda of the meeting comprised the following main topics:

Further development of the NNN organization

The NNN is now established and comprises the national cleanroom infrastructures of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We cooperate at 3 different levels; the management, the expert and the user level.

Establishment of a Nano-network at the European level

We want to extent our network to other European infrastructure networks. Therefore cooperation with NanoLabNL (NL), Renatec (F), KIT (GER), and Ceitec (CZ) has been initiated.

Evaluation of the User Meeting in Lund 2015

The meeting had 250 participants, mostly from Sweden, but also a substantial number from Norway, Denmark and Finland. The meeting was well organized and the feedback was positive regarding the program. The invited lectures held a high standard.

Future common Nordic Nanolab User Meetings, NNUM

The first Nordic Nanolab User Meeting will be in Trondheim, in April – May, 2017. The meeting will have the same format as the previous Myfab-NorFab User Meetings.

Follow-up of Nordic NanoLab Expert Network (NNEN) groups

We now have five groups at various stages and one more to be established next year:

    • The Lithography group started with a meeting in Trondheim in summer 2014. The group had a second meeting in Lund in April 2015. The next meeting will be at DTU in 2016
    • The Thin film group started in autumn 2014 in Uppsala and will have a second meeting in Oslo in November
    • The Dry etch group was the first group established. The group plans its 4th meeting in autumn 2015
    • The Characterization group covers cleanroom related characterization techniques and started in Jan 2015 with a meeting at DTU in Copenhagen. We plan one more meeting in 2015/ beginning 2016
    • The Facility Operation is a new group covering cleanroom systems, like air handling/gas systems and will have a first meeting in Nov 2015 in at KTH in Stockholm

The NNEN meetings are open to experts from all cleanroom infrastructures in the Nordic countries. In total about 20 cleanrooms are involved and the meetings gathered between 15 and 25 cleanroom technology experts from all 4 countries.
In 2016 we plan to organize a targeted workshop on the tender processes for investment in new equipment.

Myfab Laboratory Infrastructure Management System (Myfab LIMS)

A specification for a process-module in LIMS is under development. The aim is to have a time-plan for the progress (including a “hearing” among users and targeted visits to user labs) in November. The entire process is expected to take 1-2 years
The next NNN meeting will be held in Oslo, in January 2016.