CPX High Performance Probe Station

New Probe Station in MST-LAB in Horten
March 26, 2014

In March a new Probe Station was installed at HBV MST-Lab in Horten – a Lake Shore’s CPX High Performance Probe Station. This semi-automatic system has four thermal compensated probes and numerous options and configurations available. The operating range is from  4 deg K to 450 deg K. For low temperature measurement  (4K) liquid helium is required , while above 80 K liquid nitrogen will be used. The tool also includes:

           •DC and RF up to 26 GHz measurements.
          •Multiple radiation shields for best low temperature performance
          •Minimize sample condensation during cool-down
          •Customizable for sample transfer with no exposure to atmosphere
          •Customizable to accommodate a 6-in wafer

The system is available through NorFab and is situated in the MST characterization lab (outside the cleanroom).

If you have any questions, please contact: Nils.Hoivik@hbv.no