MiNaLab 10 years Anniversary
October 8, 2014

On Friday the 19th of September SINTEF and University of Oslo (UiO) celebrated the 10 years anniversary of MiNaLab.

The joint celebrations started with a formal session with invited guests and speakers. Among the invited speakers were Anders Hanneborg from the Research Council of Norway; Bjørn Haugstad from the Ministry of Education; Unni Steinsmo CEO of SINTEF; Ole Petter Ottersen rector of University of Oslo; and Håkon Sagberg from GasSecure. The focus of the session was not only to celebrate the past ten years, but also to place emphasis on the importance of research infrastructure in the decades to come.


The last part of the day MiNaLab was open to the public and part of “Forskningsdagene”. SINTEF and UiO had stands with demos and activities showing some of the work done at MiNaLab – from sensors to solar cells. There were guided tours of the SINTEF cleanroom, and about hundred visitors used the chance to have a look. Amongst those who visited the lab that day where six classes from local elementary- and- high schools. We at MiNaLab hope everyone that stopped by had a great time. We sure did!


Photo: SINTEF/Werner Juvik