Schematic of the new microdosimeter/sensor developed for more precise radiology treatments

Microscopic sensor for more precise radiology treatments
November 15, 2016

The sensor is the first of its kind and can measure mixed radiation fields (including neutrons) and doses at the level of the individual cell in mixed radiation fields. It enables doctors to obtain a complete picture of how much damage each cell has incurred following treatment.

The main contact for the Gemini article, Marco Povoli, has worked on the project both as a post.doc (MiNaLab UiO) and now as a researcher at SINTEF MiNaLab – in close cooperation with senior researcher Angela Kok at SINTEF- who is the project leader.

The news was published in Gemini- where you can read the full article:

The project:

The project is called “Si-3DMiMic” and is funded by the Research Council of Norway as part of its NANO2021 programme. The work has been carried out in collaboration with world-leading centres in the field of medical radiation physics, including the CMRP (Centre for Medical Radiation Physics) at the University of Wollongong in Australia, the University of Manchester in England, and the ESRF (synchrotron) laboratory in Grenoble in France.

The starting point for the project was the sensor as patented by the CMRP (Australia) under U.S. Patent No. 8421022 B2.