From left: Head of SMN Klaus Magnus Johansen, Researcher Kristin Bergum, Vice-Rector Per Morten Sandset, Head of Department of Physics Jøran Moen. Photo by Ynge Vogt, Forskningsmagasinet Apollon

FLEXTURA cluster system opens at MiNa-Lab
September 13, 2019

On September 4th, the official opening of the FLEXTURA cluster system was held at MiNa-Lab. The instrument is beyond state-of-the-art and consists of a deposition chamber, where new semiconductors with high quality for use in optics, electronics and photovoltaics can be designed. In addition come analytical chambers, which will provide more in-depth knowledge of the material properties.


The opening was followed by a scientific seminar with invited speakers from NTNU and University of Uppsala, along with representatives from the collaborating companies Polyteknik and PlasmaQuest.

For more information about the instrument and its impact on semiconducting research, please see (in Norwegian):

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