Black silicon fabrication at USN
September 10, 2019

Black silicon, as a family member of silicon semiconductor materials, has a unique light trapping capability and presents deep “black” colour. The black surface traps visible light through internal multi-reflection, scattering and light-matter coupling due to micro/nano silicon structures.
NorFab – USN labs, as a strategic plan, has invested an advanced silicon micro-machining instrument (OXFORD Estrelas 100) for increasing our research competence in the field of micro/nanosystems technology. It provides a powerful platform for public and private business development related to silicon micromachining.
At USN, IMS – researchers are currently focusing on photoelectric, photothermal and supercapacitor applications by using the “black” silicon. A series of processes have been developed for fabricating unique silicon micro/nanostructures by using the Estrelas 100.
Read details about their research and technique: