About Norfab



The vision of NorFab is to be a robust and competent backbone consortium supporting and enabling research and innovation within micro-and nanotechnology (MNT) in Norway. NorFab will be an enabling resource for both academic and industrial R&D.


The network builds competence and provides access to processing and technology vital to both basic and applied research in micro- and nanotechnology. NorFab will maintain a competitive infrastructure for development and pilot fabrication for the emerging micro- and nanosystems industry in Norway.


NorFab improves the quality of the MNT research output by:

  • Providing access to state-of-the-art laboratories for Norwegian researchers, independent of their academic, institute or company affiliation
  • Promoting collaboration on a national level
  • Fostering a robust national competence in MNT, which will enhance the portfolio of international project collaborations

NorFab increases the volume of MNT research by:

  • Providing access for projects/pre-projects to state-of-the-art research equipment for academic researchers with limited funding
  • Cost-effective and optimal use of the investment in cleanroom laboratories and advanced scientific equipment, served by highly competent staff
  • Providing access to cleanroom-based techniques for an extended user base, which will serve to foster cross-disciplinary research

NorFab enhances innovation in MNT by:

  • Education and training of candidates with competence demanded by industry
  • Fostering innovative research groups with the ability to transfer ideas to industry
  • Offering access to state-of-the-art infrastructure for industry.

The board of NorFab:

Magnus Rønning (NTNU)

Fabrice Lapique (SINTEF MiNaLab)

Susanne F. Viefers (UiO)

Einar Halvorsen (USN)


The leadergroup of NorFab:

Peter Köllensperger (NTNU NanoLab)

Erik Poppe (SINTEF MiNaLab)

Vegard Skiftestad Olsen (UiO MiNaLab)

Ole Henrik Gusland (USN MST-Lab)


International advisory board:

Jørg Hübner (DTU NanoLab)

Thomas Swahn (Myfab)

Heini Saloniemi (VTT Micronova)