Access and Support

Access routines

NorFab is currently setting up routines for fast and easy access.

Until the new routines are in place, you can click on the links below in order to apply for access to the infrastructure:

If you have any questions, please contact the lab specific contact person.


 Support within NorFab, 2014-2015


The support will be given to cover actual running costs and must be spent by 15.12.2015. Funding available from each node in this announcement:

1,2 MNOK 1,1 MNOK 0,6 MNOK 1,3 MNOK


For more information about these funds, please contact the respective node.


PhD-students enrolled in the “Norwegian PhD Network on Nanotechnology for Microsystems”, Nano-Network, are encouraged to apply for travel grants and support for laboratory use “out of house” through Nano-Network. For more information regarding Nano-Network, see
The following rules apply for the grants:

  • No applications deadline. The application will be processed continuously
  • The applications will be considered by the leader group of NorFab
  • The grant must be spent by 15.12.2015.
  • Applications filed to The Research Council of Norway after 01.05.2011 should include funding for operational costs related to use of NorFab. For projects started after this date, the original application to The Research Council of Norway, as well as a motivation for the need of extra financial support, should be included in the application.
  • The applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
      1. Scientific merit and/or innovation level (applied industrial research)
      2. Dissemination of project results (peer-reviewed papers, conference papers/presentations, patents, exhibitions, process documentation)
      3. The project introduces new users to the infrastructure.
      4. Own financial contribution to operational funds for the project


Applications should be filed using the application form and sent to the coordinator of NorFab ( The application should include a short project description with an activity plan describing the extent and timeline for the work and equipment needed. The leader group of NorFab will handle the applications.


Download application form

Read full announcement (pdf)

Current pricelist NorFab (pdf)

The presented prices are based on the intention to share the costs of the infrastructure among users. Prices
for academic activities are subsidised through basic funding from the universities. Prices for industrial
activities are based on a full‐cost approach; no cross‐subsidies between the user groups are given.

Please contact NorFab coordinator Hanna Gautun ( for questions related to the updated price list.